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Tax consulting for business

Tax consulting in Portugal can be an important aspect for businesses to ensure tax compliance and optimize their tax burden. 

Some basic aspects of tax consulting in Portugal:

​1. Tax obligations: Tax systems and requirements in Portugal can be complicated, so it is important to understand your tax obligations. Tax advisors can help you understand the tax laws, determine mandatory payments and deadlines for filing returns.

2. tax optimization: Tax advisors can help you optimize your tax burden and find legal strategies to lower your tax payments. They can offer advice on using tax credits, reducing tax rates and structuring your business to manage your taxes effectively.

3. International Taxation: If your business has international operations or involves foreign investment, tax advisors can help you understand international tax rules and settlements. They can provide advice on double taxation, tax treaties and international tax practices.

4. Changes in tax law: Tax rules and legislation can change over time. Tax advisors will keep track of changes and notify you of important tax updates that may affect your business. They will also help you adapt to new tax rules and requirements.

5. Tax audits and disputes: In case of tax audits or disputes with tax authorities, a tax advisor will be able to represent your interests and help you in dealing with the tax authorities. 

6. Tax Planning: A tax consultant will help you develop a tax strategy that meets your business objectives and will help reduce your tax burden. They will analyze your accounting, income and expenses to determine the best tax solutions.

7. VAT (Value Added Tax): A tax advisor can also help you with your VAT issues. They will advise you on mandatory VAT registration, proper record keeping and VAT reporting.

8. Investment tax optimization tips: If you are planning to invest in Portugal or to obtain tax incentives for investments, the tax advisor will help you develop a strategy and suggest tax benefits available to investors.

9. Tax compliance: The tax advisor will keep track of the deadlines and tax filing requirements so that you do not violate the law or face penalties or fines.

10. Representation before the tax authorities: If necessary, the tax advisor can represent you and your company before the tax authorities. They will communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf and help protect your interests in the event of a tax dispute or review.

When choosing a tax consultant in Portugal, seek experienced professionals who have knowledge of Portuguese tax law and have a good reputation for providing tax advice.

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