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All inclusive package

Open Gate Portugal, specializing in legalization services in Portugal, can offer an "All inclusive" program, which includes a full package of legalization services in Portugal.

All inclusive package

​Open Gate Portugal, specializes in legalization services in Portugal and can offer the program "All inclusive", which includes a complete package of services for legalization in Portugal. The program includes the following services:

1. Immigration consultation. A company consultant will conduct a detailed interview with you to understand your needs and goals related to legalization in Portugal and help you choose the most suitable legalization program.

2. Assistance in obtaining a visa or residence permit. The company can provide support in the process of obtaining a visa or residence permit in Portugal. This can include assistance in completing and submitting the application, preparing the necessary documents and expediting the process.

3. Accommodation selection and on-site registration. The company can help find suitable accommodation and register locally as required by Portuguese law.

4. opening a bank account and connecting to local services. The company can help you open a bank account in Portugal and connect to local services, such as cell phone and internet.

5. Support in finding a job or setting up a business. The company can help you find a job or create a business in Portugal, including assistance in creating a business plan, recruiting staff and registering your business with the Portuguese tax authorities.

6. Legal support and translation services. The company can provide legal support for the legalization process, as well as translation services for communication with Portuguese authorities and businesses.

7. Support at every stage. The company will be ready to help you every step of the legalization process in Portugal to make sure everything goes smoothly and successfully.

​The total cost of the All inclusive program may vary depending on the services provided by the company, the individual needs of the client. The price may include all of the aforementioned services as well as any additional services that may be required during the legalization process. The company may also charge additional fees for some services, such as translation of documents or legal advice.

An "All inclusive" program can be useful for those who are looking for a complete legalization package in Portugal and do not want to take care of many aspects of the process themselves. Such services can provide assurance that the entire legalization process will be done correctly and efficiently. 

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