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The Portuguese

Portugal has a rich heritage and unique traditions that make it interesting and attractive to explore and visit. Portuguese people, like people of other nationalities, have their own unique characteristics and peculiarities. 

Here are a few aspects that may distinguish the Portuguese from other peoples of Europe:

1. Geographical location: Portugal is located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, which influences the culture and lifestyle of the Portuguese. Due to their maritime heritage, the Portuguese have a close connection to the ocean and have traditions related to fishing and navigation.

2. History and cultural heritage: Portugal has a long and rich history, including a period of colonial empire and great geographical discoveries. These historical events had a profound impact on the culture, art, architecture and language of the Portuguese.

3. Language: Portuguese is one of the main hallmarks of the Portuguese. It is the native language for the majority of the population and has its own unique features in grammar and pronunciation.

4. Hospitality: The Portuguese are known for their friendly and welcoming attitude towards guests. They welcome foreigners warmly and are ready to share their culture and traditions.

5. Cuisine: Portuguese cuisine has its own unique features and is one of the pride of the people. It is distinguished by the use of fresh seafood, olive oil, cheeses, vegetables and bread. Traditional dishes such as bakaliao, pastel de nata and frangu no pau are popular both domestically and abroad.

6. Folclore and folk holidays: Portugal is rich in folk traditions, music and dance. Festivals and celebrations such as Carnival, Festa do Mar, São João and others reflect the cultural heritage of the Portuguese. At these holidays, you can see bright outfits, traditional dances, music and folk games that are passed down from generation to generation.

7. Family values: Family is essential to the Portuguese. Family ties are often strong, and the Portuguese show care and respect for their relatives. Family traditions and gatherings are considered an important part of Portuguese culture.

8. Football: Football is a popular sport in Portugal and many Portuguese people follow local and international football competitions with passion. The Portugal national football team has great popularity and footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo are national heroes.

9. Respect for elders: In Portuguese culture, there is a strong respect for older people and the custom of honoring experience and wisdom. The Portuguese show respect for older members of their family and society, and traditionally observe their advice and recommendations.

11. Coffee culture: Coffee is an integral part of the daily life of the Portuguese. They enjoy their cups of coffee in various forms such as espresso, americano, latte and others. Coffee establishments, known as "cafes," are popular places for social gatherings and socializing.

12. Sea connection: Portugal has a long Atlantic coast, and sea connection plays a significant role in Portuguese life. Many traditions, holidays and cultural expressions are associated with the sea, fishing and sea travel.

13. Striving for quality life: The Portuguese value quality of life and are keen to enjoy the moment. They treat work as a means of achieving comfort and well-being, and pay attention to their personal time, family, friends and passions.

14. Traditional cooking: Portuguese people take pride in their culinary tradition and food plays an important role in their culture. They appreciate the fresh ingredients and rich taste of the dishes. Portuguese cuisine is famous for seafood, olive oil, cheeses, wine and traditional desserts.

15. Festivals and traditions: The Portuguese adore the holidays and festivals that are an integral part of their culture. They celebrate various religious, national and regional festivals with songs, dances, costumes and traditional rituals. Some of the more famous festivals in Portugal include Carnaval, Festa do Mar, Festa São João, Festa do São Antonio and many others.

16. Love for football: Football is a popular sport in Portugal, and the Portuguese are very enthusiastic in supporting their teams and the national team. Football matches draw crowds of fans who gleefully support their players and create an emotional atmosphere in the stadiums.

17. Music and dance: The Portuguese are passionate music and dance lovers. Fado's traditional music, which expresses deep emotions and melancholy, has a special place in Portuguese culture. Also popular is folk dance Folklorics, which is performed in bright costumes and accompanied by live music.

18. Respect for history and heritage: The Portuguese are proud of their rich historical heritage, which includes historic castles, palaces, churches and other monuments. They show respect for their history and try to preserve and maintain their cultural and historical achievements.

19. Hospitality: The Portuguese are famous for their friendly and hospitable character. They treat visitors with warmth and are ready to share their culture, traditions and gastronomic delights.

20. Religiosity: Portugal has a long history of Catholic tradition, and most Portuguese practice Catholicism. Religious celebrations and ceremonies play an important role in Portuguese life, and churches are significant cultural and architectural landmarks.

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