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Open Gate Portugal Team

​Our team in Portugal includes a variety of specialists who provide a variety of services and accompany foreigners at different stages of the process. Here are some of the specialists who can be part of such a team:

1. Immigration Lawyers:

Lawyers specialize in Portuguese immigration law and provide legal assistance with the necessary paperwork, visas, residency status and other immigration-related issues.

2. Financial Counselors:

Financial counselors help foreign nationals understand the financial aspects of moving and legalizing to Portugal. They can provide advice on financial planning, taxation, opening bank accounts, and other issues.

3. real estate agents:

Real estate agents specialize in the Portuguese real estate market and help foreign nationals find and purchase the right home. They know the market, help with the paperwork, conduct property viewings and accompany clients at all stages of the transaction.

4. Business and investment consultants:

Business and investment consultants provide assistance to foreign nationals wishing to start their own business or invest in Portugal. They help to choose the right business model, prepare the necessary documents and provide investment advice.

5. Adaptation and integration consultants:

Adaptation and integration counselors help foreign nationals settle into their new environment and learn about Portuguese culture, traditions and customs. They can help with learning the language, finding a job, and navigating complex issues.

6. Translators:

Interpreters play an important role in the foreign assistance team. They provide document translation services, communicate with official authorities, meet with real estate agents or lawyers, and assist in various situations that require language assistance.

7. Education Specialists:

These specialists help with choosing a school or university for international students or family members, coordinating the admission process, providing information about the educational system and orientation to the learning environment.

8. Social Workers:

Social workers offer support to foreign nationals in various aspects of life, including assistance with social benefits, orientation to the health care system and social services, and support when social integration problems arise.

9. Health insurance consultants:

These specialists help foreign nationals choose the right health insurance, familiarize themselves with the Portuguese medical system, and ensure access to medical services.

Each of these specialists has expertise and knowledge to help foreign nationals successfully navigate the immigration, legalization and adaptation process in Portugal.

  • Initial consultation


  • Reconnaissance trip

  • Long-term visas and residence permits

  • Legalization and execution of documents

  • Interpreter support

  • Legal support

  • Renting and buying property

  • Banking service

  • Schools: search, processing, support

  • Utility and communication contracts

  • Registration of companies and lease of offices

  • Tax Consultation

  •  Services for Motorists

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