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Portugal is a European country located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The country borders Spain to the north and east, and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. Portugal has a rich history spanning many centuries and is one of the oldest nations in Europe.

Getting to know Portugal

​Portugal is a member of the European Union and the euro currency area. The country has a developed economy based on tourism, trade, agriculture, fishing and services. Tourism plays an important role in the Portuguese economy because of its beautiful beaches, cultural heritage, architectural sights and beautiful climate.

Portugal is famous for its beautiful cities, such as Lisbon, the capital, Porto, the second largest city, and other unique destinations, including the historic cities of Évora and Sintra, the wine regions of Douro and Alentejo, and the beautiful Algarve coastline.

Portugal has a diverse natural environment, including mountain ranges, fertile valleys, rivers and nature reserves. Here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, active sports such as surfing and hiking, and unique flora and fauna.

The Portuguese are proud of their culture, art and traditions. Here you can discover Portuguese cuisine, with fresh seafood, olives, cheeses, wine and pastel de nata, the traditional Portuguese dessert. Portugal is also known for its folklore, Fado music and colorful folk festivals.

There are many cultural attractions in Portugal, including medieval castles and fortresses, monasteries and churches with exquisite architecture, as well as museums and galleries with rich collections of art.

Portugal is also famous for its music festivals, theatrical performances and cultural events, which attract many visitors from all over the world.

Portugal's climate is varied. In the south, the Algarve region has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. In the north and central part of the country the climate is more temperate, with cool summers and wet winters. Snow and colder weather can be found in the mountainous regions.

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, and most residents speak it. However, many Portuguese also speak English, especially in tourist areas and large cities.

Overall, Portugal offers a variety of opportunities for tourism, work and living. With its beautiful nature, rich history and cultural heritage, it attracts many people from all over the world.

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