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Festivals in Portugal

Portuguese folk festivals are colorful and festive events that attract locals and tourists alike. These festivals reflect the history, religion, music, dance and culinary traditions of Portugal.

Here are some famous folk festivals in Portugal:

1. Festa do Mar (Festival of the Sea) is a holiday celebrated in the city of Nazare on the first weekend of August. The festival is dedicated to sea goddesses and fishing culture. The main event of the festival is a procession with the image of the Madonna, which is carried away on a boat to the sea.

2. Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi) - a religious holiday, which is celebrated on the 60th day after Easter. In many cities and villages in Portugal, colorful processions are held, during which the streets are decorated with flowers, decorations and carpets made of colored loops.

3. Festa do São João (Festa de São João) is a feast dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, which is celebrated in the city of Porto on the night of June 23-24. The main event of the holiday is fireworks, traditional dances and folk festivals.

4. Festa do Vinho is a wine festival held in various regions of Portugal, including the Douro, Alentejo and Algarve regions. At this festival, you can taste a variety of Portuguese wines, participate in wine tastings and enjoy music and dancing.

5. Festa do Sanco (Festa de São Gonçalo) is a holiday celebrated in the city of Amarante in the last week of June. During the holiday, traditional rituals are held, including round dances, musical performances and carnival processions.

6. Festa do Avante is a cultural festival held in early September in the suburbs of Lisbon. Music groups, theaters, dance groups perform at the festival, and exhibitions and discussions are held. The festival lasts for several days and attracts many visitors from different countries.

7. Festa do Chocalho is a celebration held in the city of Alcantara do Charolis in July. At the festival, you can see the traditional rituals associated with the pastoral culture, as well as hear the sound of the chocali (special bell), which is a symbol of this region.

8. Festa do Ano Novo - New Year's Eve celebrations in Portugal are on a grand scale. Musical concerts, fireworks and folk festivals are organized on the main squares of the cities. In Lisbon, a popular traditional custom is to jump from a height into the sea to bring good luck in the new year.

9. Festa do Pão is a bread festival held in the city of Mafra in October. At the festival, you can taste a variety of breads and other pastries, learn about the traditions and crafts associated with baking, and enjoy a variety of activities such as concerts, exhibitions and folk festivals.

10. Festa da Bocage is a holiday that is dedicated to the famous Portuguese poet Manuel Maria Bokashi, known as Boca. The holiday is held in the city of Setubal in August and includes poetry readings, literary exhibitions, concerts and performances.

11. Festa do Ano is a New Year's celebration celebrated in many towns and villages in Portugal. At the festival you can see fireworks, musical performances, dances and folk festivals. The main event of the holiday is the greeting of the coming year and the wishes of happiness and prosperity.

12. Festa do Duque is a festival celebrated in the city of Guimaraes in July. During the holiday, the history of the city comes to life, and shows of knightly tournaments, historical reconstructions, concerts, theatrical performances and folk festivals take place.

These are just some of the many folk festivals that take place in Portugal. Each region has its own unique traditions and holidays, and visiting these festivals allows you to get to know the culture and heritage of this amazing country in depth.

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