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Starting consultation

Consultation on legalization in Portugal can be useful for those who are planning to or have already moved to Portugal. We can talk on the phone or online to understand the details of further work.

Are you planning to or have you already moved to Portugal?

Consultation on legalization in Portugal can be useful for those who plan to obtain a residence permit, work or create a business in Portugal. Or for those who have already moved to Portugal and are dealing with adaptation issues.

At the initial consultation, we will try to select a package for your situation and put you in touch with the right professionals who meet your exact requirements.

Here are some of the typical requests:

1. Finding the right lawyer or consultant. It is best to contact a lawyer or consultant who specializes in immigration and legalization issues in Portugal. 

2. Prepare and legalize documents. In order to obtain a residence permit or set up a business in Portugal, you need to provide certain documents. A consultant will help you understand what documents are needed and how to prepare them correctly.

3. Clarification of the legislation. The consultant can help you understand the Portuguese legislation related to immigration and legalization. He will explain to you the conditions and requirements you need to fulfill in order to obtain a residence or work permit in Portugal.

4. Assistance in preparing for the interview. If you need to go through an interview for a residence permit, the counselor can help you prepare for the process. He will explain what questions may be asked and what you need to know about Portuguese culture and society.

5. Support every step of the way. The consultant will be at your side every step of the legalization process in Portugal. He will be available to help you with any questions and problems that may arise.

6. Assessment of the chances of success. The consultant will help you to assess your chances of a successful legalization in Portugal and will give you recommendations for further actions.

All in all, a legalization consultation in Portugal can help you understand the legalization process and increase your chances of successfully obtaining the status you want in Portugal.

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